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Wilton Senior Citizens -  Father Theodore Gustin sent out about 120 letters inviting senior citizens in the community to a meeting at the Wilton City Hall on January 15, 1970, to see if there would be enough interest to organize a club for the older citizens in the Wilton area.  Only 34 people attended the meeting, but the idea took hold immediately. 

The sole purpose of the organization was to provide recreation, education, and service to its members.  Dinners are served at Noon Monday through Friday at the Center and Meals on Wheels are made there and delivered to those who cannot get to the Center.  Many members, while delivering meals, will also pick up those persons who have no way to get to the Center for dinner and fellowship. 

The clubs monthly meetings are the first Tuesday of each month.  They decide at the meeting the date for the monthly potluck usually about the third Saturday each month.  Card parties are held every Saturday and Monday nights, Saturday for whist and Monday for pinochle.  Monday and Wednesday afternoons for hand and foot.  Weekly pool tournaments are also held.